Charles Leaver on Ziften and the Future of Security

December 30, 2016
Virtually everyone in the tech industry realizes that Charles Leaver is an expert in cybersecurity. His solid reputation comes out of his extensive experience in nearly every area of the tech sector. That includes many areas where security is paramount, , including application software and infrastructure technologies. He is also highly skilled in application development and gaming, which are two areas in which security must be strong.

Practically the entire tech sector regards Charles Leaver as someone who has earned a great reputation for his ability to successfully implement and grow extremely complex business plans. He also has experience in building huge tech companies from scratch and raising huge amounts of venture capital to establish or grow such businesses. His current primary area of expertise, which is cybersecurity, was gained when he owned, operated and managed a number of very advanced lottery systems all over the world. Now, as CEO of Ziften, people listen when Charles Leaver expresses optimism regarding the future of cybersecurity. He is certain that the "Internet of Things," which hovers over the tech horizon, will create plenty of new opportunities for the greatest innovators.

Charles Leaver’s professional development

June 30, 2016
Prior to becoming the newest Chief Executive Officer of software company Ziften, Charles Leaver -- also known as Chuck -- worked diligently in the technology space to grow in his various professional roles toward this leadership position. Immediately before becoming CEO, Leaver served as Chairman of the Board for Ziften. Additionally, he was a partner with the venture capital firm Trellis Partners in Austin, Texas. His career within the technology industry extends to the early 1980s, spanning entrepreneurship as well as the media and mobile fields. He previously worked with DA/EE, joining the company in its early stages, but growing to become the business’ CEO with responsibilities that spanned revenue growth, strategic development and, eventually, driving its public offering to a $750 million market cap.
Charles Leaver has spent more than thirty years working in media, mobile, and high tech. These are fields which have attracted his interest and in which he has thrived as an entrepreneur. The business world is something Chuck Leaver understands, perhaps better than most. This is, at least in part, because of a career that spans three decades and which has allowed him to be involved in multiple companies across several industries.